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When creativity meets innovation, mindscapes expand beyond physical limits. The Rockscape Company was incorporated in 1996 to give shape to myriad expressions of its chairperson, Mr. Rohit Agarwal. Since then it has withstood the test of time and imagination, paving way to some of the most elegant articulations in stone. Today, these icons of opulence and fine craftsmanship adorn the homes of connoisseurs across the world.

Apart from its expertise in transforming any kind of stone into a work of art, Rockscape’s niche in the Pietre Dure (Exquisite Inlays on Marble) form makes it one of the most unique organizations in India to produce rare artifacts. Whether it is a small flower vase or even a large Gazebo with the most intricate carvings, Rockscape has been transforming weirdest imagination into captivating reality in any kind of stone…all handcrafted to match the mood & style.
With its designing and operational base in Mumbai, Rockscape has it sourcing facilities in Rajasthan, home to the choicest stones used for creating masterpieces. The Company has a team of expert and experienced master craftsmen who breathe life into these stones to etch their presence in the wheel of time.

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Talent, it is said, is hidden in the most incomprehensible places. Nothing can be more apt for a management graduate who has now evolved as a creator of the most exquisite artifacts in stone. Rohit Agarwal’s ‘The Rockscape Company’ has astonished people from all walks of life and nationalities with its innovative and inspirational creations in marble and semi precious stones. Rohit’s passion for natural and manmade wonders took him to some of the most enchanting destinations across the globe. It was during this period that his inherent talent came to the fore when he realized that he himself could visualize interesting forms with functional attributes.


...not every piece of stone becomes a legend until tampered with prevent passion & rarest artistry.

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