Buy real marble planters flowerpot for garden in 2021

Buy real marble planters flowerpot for garden in 2021

marble planters:

Flower Pots handcrafted by a team of skilled master craftsmen at Rockscape, featured here is a warm yellow stone

Throughout history, gardens have played an important role in architecture and design.

It is evident that gardens are an eternal part of today’s lifestyle.

The palaces of kings and queens were adorned with beautiful gardens of exotic plants, tended to with utmost care.

However, the beauty of these gardens cannot be attributed to the plants alone – but also the intricately carved large marble planter,  that hold the plants.

the garden pots or flower pots that held them are made by the most skilled craftsmen at The Rockscape Company.

This holds good even today; the skilled stonemasons of Rockscape build the finest hand-crafted marble planters that can add a touch of royalty to any garden.

Globally, people have a cultural, traditional and emotional connection with marble.

Considering that the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, is constructed entirely out of marble, the stone is held in extremely high regard.

Marble is associated with affluence, high-end lifestyles, luxury, opulence, and prosperity.

Marble artifacts instantly add an element of ostentatious wherever they are placed.

 Also known for its durability, high polish and beautiful natural variegation, marble continues to be one of the most sought after materials for construction and design.

Luxury  Large Garden marble Planter handcrafted by artisans at Rockscape from a solid block of marble.

The naturally contrasting colors of marble rocks make it ideal for planters to hold crotons and flowering plants.

Green marble or warm yellow sandstone, in particular, can enhance the beauty of a garden manifold. Darker marble planters of sufficient size can even contain trees.

Flowing designs with intricate patterns seamlessly merge into the natural bends and curves of plants – this is a key design consideration while crafting marble planter.


The skilled master craftsmen at Rockscape have inherited the skills of carving stones from their ancestors.

This can be seen when it comes to blending tradition with modern tools, technology, and designs, making every Rockscape marble planter a masterwork in its own right.

Most of all, these could be crafted in specific stones as well, like Italian marble or in a stone of your choice. Any architectural design to match the Landscape Design.

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