Residence – Greenwich CT

About This Project

Greenwich is the wealthiest town with a population of only 61,171. This particular project let us visit Greenwich and enjoy the rich ambiance of the place. 


We find life-size figurines befitting this place the most. Let’s have a sneak peek at the figures that we installed on the site.

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Living Buddha 

A living Buddha statue symbolizes wealth, health, luck, wisdom, and fortune. Our hand-carved Buddha figurines have complimented the space well. However, the placement of Buddha is a real concern. The direction in which we should place it and the ideal pose that it should have are all decided by our expert team. 


Life-Size Women Statues 

Four different life-size female statues were placed at various locations. Each of these statues has life in its eyes and has its own aura. They have a magnificent fall in their outfits, spark in their gaze, and have noble presences, exclusive features of this species.

 Also, their ornaments are beautifully carved, portraying the brilliance in our magnificent artwork.

Variety of Benches 

The variation in the marble benches represents the versatility and expertise of our craftsmanship. Some of them have heavy details, whereas others have less comparatively. The balance of things is vital to get the desired overall environment.


Lion Figurine

Two lion statues are placed in this sight in different places. The detailing of these statues has made them look like a real threat to evil and seem to be the area's guardian. The credit of rage in their eyes and the power in their presence goes to our skilled craftsmanship.


Peacock Decorative Item

A peacock-shaped center-hollow decorative item is also worth mentioning. It has a peacock face on both sides and hollows from the center. You can place marbles or your rare collectibles in it.

A giant planter is also part of this project carved in leaf pattern. It can also be used as a water bay for birds.

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