Residence – The Plaza NYC

About This Project

These beautiful MashrabiyaJali screens were made for a private residence at the Plaza NYC. They added a regal feeling to the environment. The perfect detailing and finishing of these Jali screens render the dedication and excellence of our craftsmanship. To add on, they are made up from a solid piece of marble and have become the signature add-on to give brilliance to the residence.

These screens provide protection and privacy while allowing the draught of air to pass through them and keep the building and atmosphere cool. Thus, it has always been an essential element in Indian architecture.

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Besides being a core reason behind the regulation of air, reducing the temperature, and controlling light, Mashrabiya jali looks aesthetically pleasant and appealing. The beautiful reflection of light passing through this jali to floor, walls, and other objects looks heavenly and dramatic. They also sometimes move and dance according to the angle of light.

Moreover, Mashrabiya jali can be added as a window, door, or general dividers. They are used widely in the architectural world today with unlimited pattern modifications. Perfectly fitting into any ambiance as an ornament or epitome of elegance, it enhances the traditional or contemporary décor.

From the final product to the placement of this astonishing jali, our client loved it all. It leveled up space's atmosphere and has become the ideal photo wall for the residents of the place.  Therefore, it is safe to say Mashrabiya jali is conventional, functional, spiritual, and decorative.

What else would be more appropriate to add to your resident to make it look dramatic? The drama that it creates in the ambiance makes every penny worth spending. It will become a signature of your vicinity. Understanding the benefits, usage, and beauty of Mashrabiya jali, people around the globe are adopting it.

Project Name

Private Residence @ The Plaza NYC

design ideas, exterior décor, mashrabiya, unique architecture