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Marble Gazebo/Pavilion, Slide Fountain, Benches, Relief carved Wall Panels, Floor Medallion, Fountains, Floor planter borders – carved with design of lotus petals around the fountain – by the walkway, Garden Lamps, Sculptures of Buddha & beyond.


This project is close to our heart as it has a glimpse of visual embellishment of our excellence in rock carving. Together with our skilled craftsmanship, we have turned this place into the quintessence of peace and coherence. By just going through the stock images, you can sense the life running into every piece of art in this venue. The final product turned out to be the perfect site for meditation and to sit idle to soothe your spirit.

We can imagine what a morning and night view of this breathtaking venue would be. Each and every aspect of designing elements have a purpose here, which is elaborated a bit below. First, let’s have a look at some of the most striking decorative pieces from the venue.

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Buddha Exterior Landscape Design

Buddha brings prosperity, peace, luck, wealth, joy, and happiness to the home. Also, it brings positive energy to the ambiance. The smiling Buddha is all set to be your companion in meditation, transferring all its positivity’s to your soul. In this particular venue, two living Buddha sculptures are placed in different places; one at the entrance with a landscape in front of Buddha to let our client meditate in peace. The other is sitting alongside a small water pool. 


Rockscape Fountain Piece and Slide Fountain

There is a purpose behind the placement of every decorative piece placed in the venue. The flowing and slide fountain symbolizes the flow of harmony, money, luck, and happiness. Also, it has become a place to let birds play and drink water. The chirping of birds at dawn will be a heavenly sight to witness. Hence, it gives a dramatic detailing to the site.


Modern Marble Gazebo with Rockscape Water Pool

The gazebo is an ornamental feature of the garden. On hot summer days, they are the best place to relax after swimming. Such modern gazebos are ideal for leveling up the worth of property. The placement of the gazebo in this particular venue has created more space that can be effectively used; yoga mates can use the place to sit and have some gossips or do yoga asanas. 

The pavilion is enriched by the beautiful carving pattern and a jali at the bottom. The front open has a sliding fountain with a fish scales pattern and a bench on each side. The visitor can sit on these solid benches and can enjoy the sound of flowing water with an earthy smell of soil from the planters around. 

The lower wall of the gazebo has embedded marble relief carvings. 


Rockscape Interior Wall Design 

Along with the exterior of the gazebo, the inner walls also have floral carvings. They are round and simple yet elegant, perfectly filling the internal space.


Garden Lamps and Pathways

Miniature garden lamps are enhancing the aesthetics of the venue. The beautiful canopy design and jali around the lamps seem like soul mates. The planters are also beautifully carved, and a long belt is running across the border of the garden. 

All the art pieces embedded by us in this beautiful venue have add-on to the value of the place. Overall, it has a peaceful ambiance, ideal for morning jogs, yoga, exercises, meditation, and connecting to nature. Everything is next level of perfection, from the minor detailing on solid marble blocks to garden lamps, benches, fountains, floor planter borders, and gazebo. All thanks to our skilled craftsmanship that knows their jobs perfectly and has magic in their hands.  

You can contact us to turn your ordinary venue into a stunning piece of art. We love to create and enhance the beauty of any consign.


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Private Residence - Westport CT

garden bench, garden furniture, gazebo, landscape architecture, landscape design