Residence – Los Altos Hills CA

About This Project


We were completely thrilled to be a part of this prestigious residence built from scratch at Los Altos Hills. Our scope of work involved, custom made features like Swimming pool coping, with exquisite inlay works inspired from Mughal Architecture, The Taj Mahal, benches, elephants, garden lamps, water channels, candle wall fountains & lot beyond primarily for landscape as also some artistic columns made from pink makrana marble for the interiors. The columns carved from solid blocks of marble were a signature addition to this grand property, a fusion of the Mughal Architecture from the Venetian style.

The outdoors included, exquisite Venetian Fountains, each seasoned with authentic Pietra Dura at the entrance patio of the royal home, with a large center medallion of Italian marble & semi precious stones including Lapis Lazuli. Landscape design idea of  specially made planters at the entrance were crafted from rare pink makrana marble certainly adds a magical aura to the environment.

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behind these magnificent statuettes lye's, the hard work and dedication of our seasoned craftsmen. 

The Magnificent Elephant Figurines

The glorious elephant figurine symbolizes wisdom, power, strength, positivity, divine knowledge, luck, royal power, and integrity. The eyes and face of these elephants have a spark of life that shows the maker's incredible agility. 

The Mashrabiya Jali and Marble Carved Benches

The magical presence of Mashrabiya jail & marble carved benches, along with beautiful Venetian fountains, have the power to turn any vicinity into royalty. 

The hand-crafted pool inlay is a treat to watch and one of its kind. The landscape garden design enriched with large planters looks like a fairytale. From erosion to cutting to molding, everything is made by skilled people and supervised by experts. Your visitors cannot take their eyes off this piece of art. 

Floor Medallion


The round floor medallion has given a unique touch to the floor. Nobody can visualize the space as we do; this aesthetically striking placement of the medallions is a witness.

Marble Chanel Fountain and Pietra Dura Inlay

The marble channel fountain and, of course, the luxury fountain is the next level of artistry. The marble inlay Pietra dura and chummy candle wall fountain would be the attraction to many visitors. Altogether, a breathtaking view is created by our masterminds. 

This fusion of Mughal architecture along with Venetian style is a jaw-dropping venue at first sight. When you step into this creation, you will be in a time machine where you will be amazed to see different art pieces crafted together to bring out the best from this vast property. It would become grim to define the best part of the venue or your favorite place. Every inch of the place is dreamlike—all cheers to our craftsmanship and competent team.  This indeed is among our favorites to create.

Project Name

Shalimar - Los Altos Hills

fountains, landscape design, unique architecture