Residence – Kuwait

About This Project


Mashrabiya – Jali , for building skin (watch complete interesting video) – geometric, floral – modern & contemporary design. All handcrafted from solid marble to match the intent, mood & environment.


Kuwait has a long summer of almost eight months, starting from April to November. Therefore, the client wanted something that would play a role of a window yet should look beautiful. Also, being a Muslim country, they are particular about visual privacy, so we were supposed to cover this space to fulfill all the client’s requirements: beautifying the place along with ventilation and keeping the limitation of curtains in view. 

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Considering all the factors mentioned above, we decided to go for the beautiful "Mashrabiya (also called as Jali)" embedded with modern and contemporary floral and geometric patterns. Mashrabiya is carved in solid marble. We produced some samples for the client, and after his approval, we went for further detailing. 

The Mashrabiya panels were formed for the building and were packed and delivered to the site from our workshop. The client was excited to see the fine work and beautiful finishing of the panels. Our skilled craftsmanship brought the soul and life to stones; hence it pleased the client. Different sizes of panels were placed in a horizontal and vertical order to form a building skin.

From fabrication to the organization, budgeting, and delivery, we made everything smooth, as our client expected it to be.


Why Mashrabiya?

Mashrabiya can make any building or home airy, allow light regulation, and is best for visual privacy. The small holes allow the resident to have a look at the surroundings while staying behind a visual hurdle. Also, these small holes and the material selected to make the jali can maintain the flow of air from three sides while preventing humidity. Moreover, Mashrabiya can be handcrafted in various patterns according to the client's intent, environment, and requirements. Mashrabiya is never out of fashion and can add to the aesthetics of any building or home that requires ventilation with privacy.


Project Name

Private Residence - Kuwait

design ideas, exterior décor, mashrabiya, unique architecture