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About This Project

This project was another masterpiece featuring Mashrabiya jali. Yes, again, one of all times favorite elements of our proudly inherited architecture. The jali was installed at the entry courtyard and the swimming pool-adjacent walls.


They perfectly fit Arabic architecture and were amazingly made, finished, and fitted by our expert craftsmanship.  They are ideal for countries with a climate like Kuwait.

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Our designer selected perfect patterns for these placements, as they fitted so well and complemented the entire environment. The piece at the entry courtyard will play the role of a separator, veil, and beautify the space.  The designer has efficiently utilized various patterns and sizes of panels to make one huge divider. We can imagine how beautiful it would look when sunlight passes through it throwing intense reflection on the floor and other objects—a lovely sunlight kiss to the whole ambiance.

At the swimming pool area, the long panel follows one pattern and effectively fills the space while leaving it to look more attractive and giving character to the wall. Mashrabiya has the quality of fitting any space well, leaving it nothing but striking. Even a simple pattern of such jali’s become the most eye-catching object in the vicinity of the area. Even if looked at from outside, the whole building seems to get a particular character.

The credit of this awe-inspiring jail goes to our designers and workers who worked hard to plan and create this beautiful piece. From making these panels to fitting, everything needs a lot of dedication and hard work, which is a specialty of our esteemed craftsmanship.

The client was happy to see the final product and admires our expertise and efficient craftsmanship. Looking forward to more such projects, we are all set to showcase our diversity and versatility in this particular art.

Project name

Al Mulla Villa, Kuwait

design ideas, exterior décor, mashrabiya, unique architecture