VENETIAN ARCHITECTURE: Designs that are one of a kind

VENETIAN ARCHITECTURE: Designs that are one of a kind


Venetian Architecture originated from Venice, Venice is a city of exoticism, so it is only right that Venetian interiors be animated by the exquisite allure and irresistible grace of its majestic grandeur. Venetian interiors are spacious and assiduous and just a small stretch of is awarded a substantial luxury of detailing. Predominantly these grand interiors in the modern world are an amalgamation of both conventional and modern designs; inspired from historical heritage, but executed flawlessly while considering contemporary demands. But still, these neo-Venetian structures continue impressively to assimilate the fundamental elements that primarily defined the splendid style. He designs could also be incorporated into landscape architecture & landscape design.

One of the key reasons why Venice is traditionally celebrated is its unique architecture. Because of the city’s distinctive location on the marshy Venetian Lagoon region, the architecture of Venice has many distinguishing features that undoubtedly make it different from other architecture in Europe. The architecture of Venice is typically classified into two specific categories: Venice Renaissance Architecture and Venice Gothic Architecture with the latter the most remarkable one. The three diverse types of gothic architecture are Islamic influence, secular gothic and religious gothic. The buildings emulating style with the confluence of influence from Islamic and Byzantine architecture and also a bit of local touch all come under the umbrella of Venetian Architecture.

The Venetian style is traditionally marked by the structures that have rounded arches on their tops and are usually tall and slender. This type of architecture additionally included balconies protruding out of interior side walls above the aisles and a central dome. While golden mosaics adorn the walls, domes and floors of most structures. Another important aspect of Venetian architecture is color, with strong reds, muted yellows, and bright blues, the most prominent ones. The Renaissance period was however marked by the gradual softening of the colors to more raw colors. To achieve a polished and unruffled surface, plaster was applied in multiple thin layers while sometimes plaster was left unpolished to achieve the rough and stone-like look.

The Rockscape Company therefore believes that art should not be confined to just a medium or two. That’s the primary reason why we reinvent various ancient arts and architecture and then check their creative potential for induction in contemporary architecture. We strive valiantly to fabricate paragons out of these distinct styles that accurately reflects the creative ambitions and dreams of the owner. Our creative team is comprised of adept and veteran craftsmen who have decades of experience in this field and exhibit unparalleled skills that not just ordinary pieces of art but stories of our ancestors turned into a reality. Rockscape to its credit have, various projects , where features in stone were hand crafted by the team of master craftsman that included columns, fountains, garden lights, swimming pool copings, water channels, garden furniture.  

About Rockscape:

The Rockscape Company with the team of accomplished skilled & seasoned craftsmen and artisans has established past records of making the best pieces of art & features to enhance both the landscape design & interior design to get an absolute brilliance to the environment. Be it decorative items, bedroom designing, house interior design, room interior, home decor, interior design style, home styling, landscape design, office interior, all features are carefully made to order and finished to last detail.  Pietre Dure or the marble inlays of various colored stones had always been a specialization at THE ROCKSCAPE COMPANY.


Not only that, any piece of décor, be it casted in metals like Brass or even Silver, be it Wedding Gifts, or even that special gift for a brother or a special gift for sister or a gift of mom or a gift for father, Rockscape gladly accepts orders for all made to order gifts & pieces of décor. Get in touch with them for anything special you might be considering for any special occasion. Gift boxes made of Malachite or Gift boxes made of lapis lazuli are a complete joy for gifting for any occasion.

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