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Ever had the feeling of déjà vu? Where your soul is trying to tell a tale of the past? Rockscape connects with your soul, to tell you stories that help you discover your true calling. Art cannot be trapped in one medium or form, which is why we explore the potential of various different ancient arts and techniques to create masterpieces that resonate and reflect the owner’s personality, aspirations, and dreams.

We believe that art is noble, and so is the one who creates it. Our team is that of expert and skilled craftsman, each one of them equipped with the skill of creating exemplary art in different forms whether it be a stone sculpture, marble inlay, mirror mosaic or that of a specialty smith. With decades of experience in the field, they boast skills which are a tale of the past, transformed into reality through rare pieces of art.

Art has many forms; it is translated into expression through a plethora of different mediums.  Carving stones to transform them into stunning pieces of grandeur is ancient art. As the world stands witness to the artistry of majestic pyramids, the centuries old temples and the legends of Greek mythology. Amalgamating an ancient form of art with modern techniques to create pieces that breathe soul in architecture.

About the DIRECTOR

This is a story of a management professional, who found his true calling through extensive traveling which lead him to the most enchanting locations on earth. The Rockscape is a dream to revive wondrous forms of ancient technique aided by the modern technology. Mr.Rohit Agarwal started the venture in 1996 with the ambition of interacting with the world through the techniques of art.  He has discovered the soul of art in every piece of stone, carving it into an embodiment of inspiration and imagination.

With art as his passion, the founder of Rockscape is set on the mission to elevate the beauty of architects and landscapes adorned with the unique artefacts.  All of this while making sure those carvings are assembled in coordination to the respective style and inclination.

The love for art is passionate, an affair to remember and reminisce. A piece of your favorite art loves you back, as much as you do. This relationship with art and a young man started with his love for traveling.  It was from the dunes of Egypt and the spoils of ancient Greek, that his soul discovered his true calling.

Mr.Rohit Agarwal knew that art had the potential to connect to the soul of the world, without the use of words, voice, or music. Art, he believes is synonymous to love, it is independent of and free of all bounds. It was this ambition that motivated him to explore the ancient forms of art, giving other like minded individuals and art enthusiasts adorn their spaces with pieces that depict exemplary quality and custom-made designs. This idea was given the name of Rockscape ; a place where rocks and stones are sculpted into different art forms.

Supported by a team of skilled craftsmen with shared love for art and custom designs, Rockscape, has been marking its presence in the homes and workplaces of people who have an eye for the most exquisite of masterpieces.

Taking the venture, a step further, ancient forms of art are amalgamated with artistic passion, and modern techniques to create jaw dropping designs. We flaunt the creative ability of taking up a project at any stage of its making which includes renovations. While our dedicated team of in-house designers lead by the visionary Mr.Agarwal creates pieces that are befitting for the specific space and taste.

...not every piece of stone becomes a legend until tampered with prevent passion & rarest artistry.