Stone Carving

Originated during the Stone Age in 2,000 BC. The ancient craft of stone carving is found across various regions including the Rome, Greek, and Medieval Europe.

  • Stone carving essentially uses four different types of chisels which include point, claw, flat, and roundel.
  • Each of the chisel is used during various stages of sculpting as it leaves unique marks on the stone.
  • At Rockscape we utlize 3D modeling techniques to provide custom designs and solution which are a true translation of your vision.
  • These models are then carefully crafted into a masterpiece with expert craftsmanship.

Silver / Bronze / Brass CASTINGS – Furniture, Object’s of Art

  • Metal casting and sculpting can be traced back to 6,000 years. Egypt was abundant in gold and other metals whereas the oldest works in metal used gold and copper.
  • At Rockscape we use custom patterns and molds to create furniture, and objects precisely according to your specifications.
  • The metal of your choice (bronze, copper, aluminum, or silver is then casted into the customized pattern.
  • Smiths-men then bring the piece to life with finish that resonates art.
  • Metal furniture or sculptors are handcrafted from the start to the finish with metal that provides both strength and malleability to the craftsman.
  • Our metal products include furniture, decorative pieces, and sculptures.

Pietre Dure / Stone Inlays

  • The celebrated art of Pietre Dure is one of the most prized art forms, revived at the end of 16th century and inspired by the Roman artefacts.
  • At Rockscape we celebrate this age-old art with prodigious skill and expertise.
  • Crafting custom pieces of furniture and art elevated with modern designs and cutting-edge techniques.
  • Pietre Dure is one of the most intense and time-consuming form of crafting, from drawings to the laboriously cut stones.
  • These custom cut stones are then placed to slate ground and finely smoothed out with abrasives to produce a piece that resonates finesse.
  • Choose from a wide range of abstract floral or fauna patters that bring soul to the stones.

Art of Handcut Mirror / Glass

  • Earliest forms of glass mirrors date back between the 1st and 3rd century A.D and were used by Romans. This technique of making mirrors was refined by the glassmakers in Venice in the 1400s.
  • At Rockscape we use the finest of mirrors to contemplate pieces of art such as mirror-sculptures, mirror paintings, and mirror surfaces.
  • Our craftsmen utilize different techniques; adorning pieces of mirror to convert them into wondrous art fit to custom size and specifications.
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