Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing design.-rockscape handcrafted videos gallery

history & art

Carving & Inlays

This video is all about Luxury lifestyle for luxury homes.


This showcases the art of carving stones –

exquisite marble inalys (Pietra Dura)

carvings and inlays by rockscape
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mashrabia design
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legend lifestyle

Mashrabiya (Jali)

Handcrafted Marble Mashrabiya (Jali) for a Signature residence in Middle East, showcasing complete process of making them and installations. A must watch for art connoisseurs, architects and interior designers.


Garden Essentials

Flowering Pots, Large Garden Planters

Custom crafted Urns, Flowering Pots, Large planters are sure essentials of a garden.

The video describes how our craftsmen made some of the pieces for royal gardens across the globe – all custom made.

large garden planters for flower pots
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garden pavilion gazebo for exterior home design
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garden styling

Marble Pavilion (Gazebo)

Beautiful Garden Pavilion, showcasing the complete process, from making to installations, made by our team of master craftsmen.

the regal feeling

Custom Garden Lamps,

A perfect royal compliment to beautiful gardens 

Luxury Garden Lamps for niche Landscape Design, handcrafted by team of master craftsmen at Rockscape.

Custom made lights, custom design.

We suggest exclusive designs each time for exclusive gardens.

garden lamps for garden design, exterior design and home design by rockscape
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The most cherished works of art now chiseled to span across every imaginable dream

Glass inlay for home interior design canvas wall art
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Architecture & design

Art of hand-cut Glass Mosaic & Glass Inlays

Art of Glass Mirror Mosaic design, hand cut glasses and mirror, to form a shape.

A rare form of art demanding high skills and precision.

The results are magical and truly magnificent.

искусство и архитектура

роскошные интерьеры

ландшафтные архитекторы, дизайнер интерьеров – определенные часы ,Демонстрация произведений искусства опытными мастерами., Мраморная резьба на заказ, мраморные вставки, редкие работы, выполненные на заказ

russian luxury interior design for home decor
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Mashrabiya design for Arabic architecture
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تصميم داخلي فاخر ملكي

المشربية للتصميم الداخلي

مرحبا للتصميم الداخلي.

المهندسين المعماريين ومصممي الديكور المفضل

архитектура и дизайн интерьера

дизайн интерьера машрабия.

Машрабия, Вырезаннаяизтвердогомрамора, быланеотъемлемойчастьюистории Доставка индивидуальных заказов по всему миру,

mashrabiya design
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Arabic Interior Design
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التصميم الداخلي للهندسة المعمارية

العمارة والتصميم الداخلي

تصميم المساجد والمهندسين المعماريين ومصممي الديكور الداخلي ،
عمل جميل في التصميم المعماري من قبل حرفيين بارعين. نقوم بتصميم وتصنيع وشحن في جميع أنحاء العالم.