Bone Inlay Furniture Décor Boxes 2022

Bone Inlay Furniture Décor Boxes 2022

 Bone Inlay Furniture Décor Boxes

Bone Inlay Furniture Décor Boxes, The intricate and timeless art of bone inlay is a tradition that has been handed down through generations; the same techniques are still mastered by artisans at The Rockscape Company at their workshops. Handcrafted, detailed and finished to the last detail , the art of bone inlay has its origins in the royal palaces of Rajasthan where Kings commissioned extravagant inlay furniture pieces such as cabinets, chests, tables, chairs and even mirrors. This intriguing art is unique to India. The Rockscape Company are known for their creations of some of the best pieces made for their clients globally.

Bone Inlay is the technique of inserting pieces of contrasting material into depressions made on a base object. One can enjoy these fine furniture pieces without feeling guilty as no animal is harmed. The bones are the remains of animals that had completed the natural lifecycle

Pieces of bone inlay furniture or objects of décor has various steps that goes into its production, that may take few weeks to even months depending on the intricacy & size of the work. However, briefly there could be defined as :

  1. Fragments of camel bones are shaped per intent.
  2. Following this, these intricate shaped pieces are laid on wood in a detailed pattern.
  3. Resin if often used to create color effects around the bone, once again depending on the design to create the dramatic feel & effect on the object or piece of furniture.

The best part of bone inlay furniture is that they are visually stunning with beautiful and unique patterns and no two pieces are same. These pieces of are truly extravagant and exquisite that one cannot deny the craftsmanship involved.

Console Table / Side Tables / Objects of Interior Décor / Mirror Frames / Chairs.

Craftsman at The Rockscape Company are involved in modern styling of bone inlay in keeping with the age old tradition to create stylish yet functional pieces of bone inlay. A touch of mother of pearl or even abalone at times creates a perfect charismatic effect to the subject.

With endless possibilities on design aspect that are interesting & beautiful, objects are crafted with lot of care and brilliance, these splendid furniture pieces are sure to draw attention and complement a monochromatic space.

The mirrors are perfect adornment for walls while a stool with art of bone inlay would certainly add an uncompromising brilliance to any space, more – along with a coffee table. These make great gifts as well.

The Rockscape Company with the team of accomplished skilled & seasoned craftsmen and artisans has established past records of making the best pieces of art & features to enhance both the landscape design & interior design to get an absolute brilliance to the environment. Be it decorative items, bedroom designing, house interior design, room interior, home decor, interior design style, home styling, office interior, all features are carefully made to order and finished to last detail.  Pietre Dure or the marble inlays of various colored stones had always been a specialization at THE ROCKSCAPE COMPANY.

Not only that, any piece of décor, be it casted in metals like Brass or even Silver, be it Wedding Gifts, or even that special gift for a brother or a special gift for sister or a gift of mom or a gift for father, Rockscape gladly accepts orders for all made to order gifts & pieces of décor. Get in touch with them for anything special you might be considering for any special occasion. Gift boxes made of Malachite or Gift boxes made of lapis lazuli are a complete joy for gifting for any occasion.

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