Stone Carvings and Its Purpose

Stone Carvings and Its Purpose


Did you think that stone carving is an easy process? It takes years to get a specific shape of stone along with massive efforts and cost. But it is a fact that stone carving provides a masterpiece that enhances the beauty of stones and the interior of your property.

Stone carving is not a new process, it comes from ancient times. The stone carving itself represents that it has a long prehistory. Ancient peoples used the stones as a purpose of art and many more jobs.

So here we will discuss how stone carving is done and the purpose behind it.


How To Carve Stones?

Stone carving asks for several tools, labor along with time and cost. It is based on abrasion technology. To gets a specific shape, it demands the removal of excess stone from the desired part. Previously it was a hard process, but now a few changes has decreased the effort and time. Workers use water erosion and diamond saw cutting to mold the stones on this date.

Moreover, a new method has comes into the light. It requires high temperature to be applied at the top surface of the stone, which results in expansion to a certain level, and ultimately the stone breaks into parts. It includes oxyacetylene torches, lasers, and jet heat torches.

Beyond all these procedures and innovations in stone carving tools, it is still a tough procedure requiring patience and alot of time to get the required results. The worker needs to be well trained and professional as it is the art.

Purpose Of Stone Carvings

The stone carving comes from ancient times, so it has a variety of reasons. It provides an opportunity for artistic expressions, income generation, hobby satisfaction, and creativity. It is one of the oldest skilled trades that come in 3-dimensional art form. So peoples for years does the stone craving with their purposes.


Observing the cloud and processing creativity in mind, artists perform stone carving. A few amateurs start carving stones just what comes in their vision. But it is a fact that only skilled stone carvers can replicate the faces in stones, including human heads, bodies, animals, flowers, letters, or tangible pieces.

Besides, stone carving has many different types, including relief carving, wall panels, and decorative products.

Relief Carvings

Relief carving refers to the carving on wood in which the figures like faces or shapes are carved over the flat wood. Figures carve from the back of the wood, so they stand freely. Relief carving has high and medium levels.

A low level of relief carving modifies the slight surface, whereas high-level relief is best for the background carving from the backside.


Wall Panels

Wall panels include the deep carving that looks great for the wall decoration. You can customize the wall panels according to your choice. It consists of faces, leaves, or trees.

Decorative Products

Decorative products look attractive in wood and stones. You can get the animal, humans, or flowers, whatever suits your personality.

Decorative products include wall hangings, frames, clocks, etc. stone carving is very common in decorative products as it augments the beauty of every stone and wood.

Final Words

Summing the above discussion, it is clear that stone carving is a tricky process that requires a fraction of labor. However, it enhances the beauty of everything it gets attached to.



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